About Us

Talented Team from more then one continent are busy to put this portal in motion. Founder , CEO and Chief Technology officers have years of experience in Hotel & Motel operation, they have seen month after month hotel they are managing paying 18% to 25% to third party like Hotels.com, Expedia.com and so on. 

Also many Motels been independent not able to invest into advertisement to get direct booking done. And so called “ Direct Booking “ offered by many are actually connecting the web site to their Reservation engine , so if small motel decides not to continue the service they lose the reservation system which was paid.

Our goal is to have portal that is affordable and also web site for Hotels with their own real reservation system , so if they decide to manage their own site they don’t lose reservation system.

You can see our work on our site and decide for your self.

If you have any question you can contact us at info@hotelmotelclub.com


Assad Shah
4inova, LLC
Parent company of Hotelmotelclub.com